star-wars-the-force-awakens-posterStar Wars: The Force Awakens won the Box Office again this week. Making $200,206,669 for the full week. It also made a estimated $88,300,000 this weekend bringing its domestic total to $740,265,583. This puts it roughly $20 million behind Avatar for the Domestic Box Office record. Note that this is only 17 days after Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released. While it took 72 days for Avatar to get to $740 million domestically. Internationally, Star Wars: The Force Awakes is now at $1,510,765,583, well behind the $2,787,965,087 that Avatar made in its theatrical run. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released in China on January 9th, 2016. This should give it a significant boost to its International Box Office totals. Avatar pulled in $204 with its China theatrical release.


Coming in second place this weekend was the Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg comedy Daddy’s Home. With its first full week of release it pulled  in a total of $54,944,292. $29 Million of that was from the weekend. This brings its grand total up to $93,684,495 domestically and $115,584,495 internationally. With a reported budget of $50 million, this comedy is doing quite well. It is on track to be one of Will Ferrell’s most successful movies.


Hateful Eight

In third place we have Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight which is off to a slow start from its limited release over Christmas weekend. It was finally expanded into wide release to 1,958 theaters on Wednesday. With a total of $24,967,287 for the week and $16,240,000 from the weekend. This brings its total for the Domestic Box Office to $29,577,963. It has yet to be released internationally.



The Daily and weekly breakdowns are as follows:

Movie Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Weekend Total Weekly Total
Star Wars: The Force Awakens $31,362,029 $29,528,583 $28,085,057 $22,931,000* $34,460,000* $34,414,000* $19,426,000* $88,300,000* $200,206,669*
Daddy’s Home $6,388,794 $7,005,498 $6,668,000* $5,882,000* $11,476,000* $11,500,000* $6,024,000* $29,000,000* $54,944,292*
The Hateful Eight $1,050,625 $993,541 $3,533,121 $3,150,000* $6,429,000* $5,946,000* $3,865,000* $16,240,000* $24,967,287*
Sisters $2,975,330 $3,228,125 $3,183,190 $2,281,000* $4,770,000* $5,050,000* $2,760,000* $12,580,000* $24,247,645*
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip $3,663,175 $4,643,858 $4,210,625 $3,210,000* $4,370,000* $4,800,000* $26,300,000* $9,170,000* $24,897,658*

All data collected for this post is from, please look through their websites for a much more detailed analysis of the Box Office.

Please note that anything with a * is estimate. These numbers will change once official Box Office numbers have been released.

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