The Revenant PosterComing in first place The Revenant won this weeks box office with $48,591,028 while Ride Along 2 won the weekend with $35,320,000. This brings The Revenant up to $97,174,769 domestically and $155,833,296 worldwide. It’s a impress feat for a Rated R movie they usually don’t tend to do nearly as well due to the older audience they limit themselves to. With 12 Oscar nominations it sure to continue to well for the next few weeks.


Second place for the week is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It brought in $39,575,013 over the week with $26,377,000 of that coming in over the weekend. During the week it broke $1,000,000,000 internationally, bringing its worldwide total up to $1,871,097,841. This is still over $300,000,000 behind Titanic which is second place all time.

Rid Along 2 PosterIn Third place we have the weekend winner Ride Along 2 starting Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.  Which brought in $35,320,000 over the weekend. A strong start to the comedy which cost only $40,000,000 to produce.




The Daily, Weekly, and Weekend breakdown are as follows.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total Weekend Total
The Revenant $4,023,383 $4,946,729 $3,792,314 $4,028,602 $9,300,000* $12,650,000* $9,850,000* $48,591,028* $31,800,000*
Star Wars: The Force Awakens $3,108,701 $3,844,408 $3,114,937 $3,129,967 $6,305,000* $11,062,000* $9,010,000* $39,575,013* $26,377,000*
Ride Along 2 $11,940,000* $13,490,000* $9,890,000* $35,320,000* $35,320,000*
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi $5,896,000* $5,762,000* $4,560,000* $16,218,000* $16,218,000*
Daddy’s Home $843,731 $1,134,951 $856,096 $792,283 $2,433,000* $4,029,000* $3,081,000* $13,170,061* $9,543,000*

All data collected for this post is from, please look through their websites for a much more detailed analysis of the Box Office.

Please note that anything with a * is estimate. These numbers will change once official Box Office numbers have been released.

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