Eight new character posters have been released on the Warcraft movie tumblr site.

Blackhand Poster
BLACKHAND – THE DESTROYER Driven by cruel ambition and fueled by rage, Blackhand the Destroyer is war incarnate.
Queen Taria Poster
LADY TARIA – THE QUEEN In an age of beasts and battlegrounds, Lady Taria’s grace and diplomacy provide a beacon of hope to the people.
Durotan Poster
DUROTAN – THE REBEL Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, Durotan will do whatever it takes to find a home for his people.
Garona Poster
GARONA – THE SURVIVOR Garona is the unbroken survivor who will join Lothar and Durotan to save a world they can all call home.
Gul'Dan Poster
GUL’DAN – THE INVADER A tyrannical orc shaman wielding dark powers, Gul’dan sees all life as fuel for the Horde.
Lothar Poster
LOTHAR – THE WARRIOR Forged in the fire of battle, the brave knight Lothar has sacrificed everything to become defender of Azeroth.
King Llane Poster
LLANE – THE KING Leading from the front-lines, the noble King Llane is a symbol of strength in a time of war.
Orgrim Doomhammer Poster
ORGRIM – THE DEFIANT Wielder of the mighty Doomhammer, Orgrim is fiercely loyal to his Chieftain Durotan.

Warcraft is set to hit theatre’ on June 10th, 2016

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